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Cow Hollow Real Estate

Cow Hollow, once a former meadow and feedlot, today an affluent neighborhood. Cow Hollow was named among the top 5 best neighborhoods in the nation for young adults to live, catering to the young and young at heart with gyms, cycle shops, yoga studios, and spas. 

Cow Hollow’s Union Street offers many upscale bistros & eateries, plenty of sustainably raised provisions and designer cupcakes to quench the most discerning palette. Also known for exceptional shopping, stylish exclusive boutiques, jewelry stores, and art galleries line the streets. 

In addition to the great dining, shopping, and fitness studios Cow Hollow offers a remarkable collection of homes: some of San Francisco oldest homes specifically the Octagon home. This historic landmark was built in 1851 and still stands today. In addition there are several mid-century gems,  Queen Annes alongside classic Victorians, Italianate mansions, and luxury condos all making Cow Hollow one of the great neighborhoods in San Francisco.